Whova Web view and App and Programme

To see the programme for the two days please use the web view or app from Whova.

Here is the link for the web view https://whova.com/web/Vp1X-yU9smkWFq3ZrfPPlazsiMayQUEhfBlfs9ZR218%3D/

When using the above link you do not need to download any apps - just chose agenda from the menu bar at the top of the page.  Chose microsoft edge - it seems to work better than Google.  Copy and paste the link into the browser rather than click on it also works better for some people.

Here is the link for the app BSB Professional Learning Symposium (whova.com)

For both, you log in using your school email.  If it is the first time you have used either the webpage or app you need to create a passwrod.  If you have used it before (eg the 2018 symposium) you need to enter your password.  You can easily re-create one if you have forgotten it.